How do you create the perfect mother-of-the-bride (or MOG) outfit? Follow this fashion guide …

Mother of the Bride // by QB

When it comes to wedding fashion, you’ll find a lot of talk about brides, maids and grooms, but there are two important members of the wedding party who need some love: the mothers of the bride and groom. Sure, they might not be the stars of the show, but they want to look their best on such a happy day.

Here is the QB dressing guide for creating the perfect MOB (or MOG) outfit.

1. Highlight your best assets

 As a mother of the bride or groom, you hold a special place in the wedding party, and you’ll want to look and feel your best on the big day! Forget stuffy wedding garb and choose a beautiful outfit that fits the brief and flatters your shape and style. Many brides organise a fun shopping trip with their mum, complete with a leisurely lunch and glass of bubbles, to find the perfect ensemble.

2. Let the bride be the guide

 Look to the bride and dress code for style and colour cues. Traditionally, the MOB might have synced with the bridesmaids when it came to colours. Things are more fluid now but communicate with the bride to ensure your outfit aligns with her vision (within reason, of course). 

3. If in doubt, go classic

 You can’t go wrong with classic silhouettes and luxurious fabrics. For example, a silk wrap dress, chic separates, or a tea-length gown with a matching wrap will look right at home at almost any style of wedding. Look to flattering hues including navy, blush and silver, contemporary favourites such as sage, deep-pink, and teal, or a classic colourway such as black/gold, depending on the formality of the event. Bonus: a timeless piece is an investment you’ll wear again and again.

4. Create a complete look

 Go forth and accessorise! Complement your core look with a cute bag and a special pair of heels or flats. This is the perfect time to bring out an heirloom pair of pearl earrings or a special diamond necklace. Depending on the weather, you may also need an elegant scarf, wrap or coat to complete your look.

5. Dress for style and comfort

 The wedding day is a busy time for mums. Greeting guests, wrangling flowergirls, and helping with all the finishing touches will keep you on your toes all morning. Then a long day (with lots of photos!) means your look needs to last the distance. Ensure your outfit allows for lots of hugging and your shoes are made for walking. 

6. Enlist your own glam squad

 This isn’t just any wedding, so make sure you’re feeling your best with a fresh mani and pedi and professional hair and makeup. Some brides invite their mums to prepare with their bridesmaids. But, if not, treat yourself to a quiet moment of pampering. Mums may even choose to prepare together a sweet bonding moment before the big day. 

Need help still? Find your most stylish self with a mother-of-the-bride outfit from Living Silk