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Open for business: how to plan your 2021 wedding in Queensland

Stories // Tips + Advice // by Nikki Ernst

Earlier this week, I was invited on ABC Brisbane radio to chat about COVID-19 impacts and what this means for couples and their 2021 wedding plans.

Undoubtedly, the shock of coronavirus restrictions has forced many couples to modify and postpone their 2020-scheduled wedding, with many choosing a new 2021 date. However, there is still hope for Queensland couples wishing to marry in the coming year.

Yes, that’s right: pop the Champagne cork because contrary to popular belief, Queensland is indeed open for 2021 business and not all wedding venues and suppliers are booked out. Hip, hip, hooray!

So, what can you do if you want to marry in 2021 but have not locked it all in? Let’s start here …

Be flexible on your date.

At City Winery, Michael suggested that couples should consider a date change instead of forgoing their wedding at their favourite venue if the original date they want isn’t available.  “This way, you’ll think back on your wedding day and know you had the perfect day with the perfect venue as opposed to the perfect date“, he says. Also, couples could (and should!) consider a Thursday wedding which could include a cost-saving due to a minimum spend being lower. #winwin

But what about amping up the ‘party feel’ of your celebration? Brian at Customs House suggests that if couples find it hard to secure a weekend date, they should look at a ‘Friday night’ wedding concept. Imagine a dinner party-style reception followed by drinks, mingling and dancing (yes folks: dancing is back!). This sounds to us like the perfect way to cap off a week, marry the love of your life, AND then have a whole weekend ahead to spend with family and friends (long lunch, anyone?).

Lock in your vendors asap! 

Justine from Beautiful Weddings recommends acting quickly to secure reputable vendors – those that have been in business and stayed in business during 2020 – as a priority. Check out their social profiles, read reviews and turn to trusted resources (hello, Queensland Brides!) and start to weave together a web of contact options. Then get on the phone asap and call them!

We should also mention that the Queensland wedding industry is a tight-knit bunch of creative talent, and for the most part, vendors work closely with each other. And, so, if you find one of your preferred vendors is booked out for your wedding date, ask them for alternative recommendations on who you could contact. You’ll be surprised at how fruitful this strategy can be.

No doubt, the wedding dress is one of the essential purchases for a bride, so it makes sense to bring this planning element to the forefront. Luckily, Queensland is home to a collection of fabulous bridal retailers and brides have the fortune of sourcing beautiful designs on our local stage. However, time is of the essence! “Brides should not delay in making appointments to try on wedding gowns; our gowns are proudly handmade to order by small independent designers, so we normally ask anywhere from 4-6 months to allow for shipping and alterations,” says Sam from Bloom Australia.

Are you getting the message? Do. Not. Delay.

Rethink expectations.

The ‘Rona-rollercoaster’ of 2020 has at least taught us two things: to be resilient and creative in equal measure.

And so, if you’re having trouble linking all of your planning elements to perfection for a 2021 wedding, we suggest you get together with your partner (and possibly family!) and go back to the drawing board. Consider what will be important to you when you look back on your wedding day. Is it the date? The number of guests? The venue? The location? Or is your focus firmly on the union and you’ll celebrate love any which way you can? Simply by rethinking expectations, you may discover a new way forward to allow you to pull off the perfect celebration in 2021.

Good luck to all the 2021 couples planning their dream day! Be sure to send your day our way for feature online or in a print edition of Queensland Brides.

For excellent supplier contacts, check out our wedding directory, as well as the venue collective in our latest edition of Wedding Venues by QB.

To listen to the full ABC interview, click here  (and fast-forward 2:11 hours/minutes) and check out our refreshed wedding formats article for other celebration ideas.

Feature image from the Sunshine Coast wedding of Tabitha & Aaron [photo: And Ever Collective]