Signed, sealed and delivered! 2018’s top stationery trends

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Remember that rush of excitement you got as a kid when you received an invitation to a classmate’s party? Here at QB, a super-pretty wedding invitation gives us the same feeling… though we like to think we’ve upgraded from the Disney princess fill-out-and-tear paper notepad. From invitations to wedding menus, it seems brides are also falling in love with creative stationery and there are some seriously cool trends coming out as a result. Here are ten that are sure to fill up your Pinterest board…

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Bold botanicals

From wallpaper to wedding invitations, we’ve seen a real shift in the past few years from traditional (read: girly) florals to more eye-catching, graphic botanical prints. And we can see why – it’s still a classic look, but updated for today. Let your venue, destination and styling be the inspiration and work with a stationery artist (if going with a pro) to find the perfect print for your celebration.

Personal touches

Individuality is THE biggest thing in wedding world this year, with couples putting their stamp on pretty much everything for their special day. Following on from this, there’s a real trend to add personal touches to wedding invitations and we love it! From monogrammed logos of couples’ initials to cute caricatures and illustrations of their chosen wedding venue, ‘personalised’ invitations make the celebration feel even more special… even before the big day!


Deep, dramatic tones

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Much like with the bold botanicals trend, dark tones are big with couples looking to break away from the conventional (we’ll say it again – girly) look of traditional weddings. Team with metallics to keep things glamorous and contemporary without being too masculine. Also, get creative with prints, whether it be on the invitation itself or on the inside of the envelope – marble, botanical and brushstroke patterns look amazing! And don’t feel limited when it comes to colours – black is an obvious go-to, but jewel tones are also a winner with this trend.


Transparent elements

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Transparent elements are creeping their way into everything from signage to venues (i.e. buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows) and stationery hasn’t been overlooked. A fabulous way to let styling and the venue itself shine, transparent menus, table numbers and escort cards made from acryllic or perspex are really popular right now. Invitations are also going clear, making the text stand out with metallic writing and unique fonts.


Contemporary calligraphy

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You know the real old-fashioned fillergry-like writing that scrapbooking nannas tend to go crazy for? Yeah, no thanks. Calligraphy is still big for wedding invitations, signage, menus and ceremony programs but the key is to keep it contemporary and unique. Another tie to the ‘personalised’ trend, contemporary calligraphy is all about the handwritten look – the more distinct, the better (as long as you can read it!). Plenty of stationery pros are specialising in this, with some even handwriting everything, rather than using a customised digital font. If going with a pro, do a little research (um, Insta stalking) and find someone whose writing style reflects the feel of your wedding and your personal taste.


‘Torn’ elements

The ethereal, enchanted look is also huge in wedding world at the moment. Inspired by this, couples are opting for paper goods using high-quality materials and soft, ‘torn’ edges. Remember when you were a kid and you made a pirate map or fairy note by tearing the edges and dyeing them with tea? Well, the ‘torn’ trend isn’t entirely different from this (maybe don’t bother with the tea dyeing, though), adding a romantic, whimsical look to celebrations.


Interactive invitations

You could just let your guests read their invitations. Or, you could have a little fun and make your invitations interactive, according to the new trend. From maps that you can unfold to invitation ‘kits’ you can unbox (remember the bridal shower invitation with the butterfly in Bridesmaids?), it’s all about turning an invitation into an experience. If going with this trend, there are a few things to keep in mind. The cost for the invitation itself is obviously going to be a little higher than usual and postage might be a pricey challenge, especially if you’ve got guests living a fair distance away.

Belly bands

No, ‘belly bands’ aren’t when the top of your skinny jeans dig into you after a big meal. Essentially, they’re a sash made from paper that holds things together – something that guests might be thankful for if you’re sending rsvp cards, wishing well envelopes or directions to your venue with your invitations. They’re a simple way to make your invitations look elegant and classic, plus they’re actually functional – winner!


Muted tones with gold

Dark, bold tones might be a hot trend, but there has also been a rise in stationery with soft, muted tones. No, we’re not talking pastels here. Go with tones like slate blue, sage green, dusty rose and pale lavender, and team with gold metallics.


Tropical-inspired motifs

Yep, we’re still loving the tropical look in 2018. Palm prints (especially banana palm) are still popular, while tropical motifs like palm trees and pineapples are a slightly more understated way to include the look in your stationery. Be sure to team with the style and feel of your wedding and, if possible, take inspiration from your venue – think coconut palms if your venue’s gardens are filled with them, or fan palms for a celebration in the rainforest.

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