Trend alert! 2018’s biggest ceremony trends

Ceremony // by Emily Russ

‘Trends’ can be a bit of a dirty word in wedding world – we prefer to see them as fabulous new ideas to be inspired by and to embrace (only if you like!). From tattoos to balloon arbours, these are the ceremony trends brides are loving in 2018…

Intimate ceremonies

If having 300 plus people staring at you while you exchange your vows sounds like your worst nightmare… don’t do it! In 2018, ceremony trends are more and more about the couple themselves and less about traditional conventions; so if you prefer a smaller guest list, just go for it. We can see the attraction – it’s more economic, less ‘showy’ and creates a really laid-back, intimate feel.

* Bonus – woodland weddings are HUGE this year, with many couples saying “I do” in parklands and venues with forest-inspired gardens. We say, let’s go into the woods…

Smaller bridal parties

This goes hand-in-hand with the smaller wedding trend. If you’re fans of keeping things more intimate, a smaller bridal party (usually one or two people on each side) is a lovely idea. Consider yourselves completely untraditional and can’t think of just one person to honour? We’ve also seen a rise in weddings with no bridal party, where stand-out guests are mentioned in speeches or are involved in other aspects of the day (like acting as official witnesses or celebrants).

Wedding ring tattoos

This is one for the ink-loving couple! If you want to make your commitment even more permanent, getting a special symbol or each other’s initials tattooed on your ring finger is a cool way to show your love. It’s normally something couples do post-ceremony, but there are now clever artists around the world inking-up couples straight after exchanging vows. #MakingItOfficial

Geometric arbours

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Geometric shapes have been creeping into weddings the past couple of years and they’ve found the perfect home in ceremony arbours. They look next-level amazing at outdoor weddings – opt for clean, sleek lines that ‘frame’ something eye-catching in the distance.

Balloons, balloons and more balloons!

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Balloon arbours started to get big in 2017 and they’ve exploded (well, figuratively) in 2018. There are a range of different styles out there, but our favourites usually go bold with colour or add a little natural beauty with greenery and fresh flowers.

Macramé ceremony backdrops

Brides loved them in 2017 and it seems the trend is here to stay. An easy way to add a little boho style to your ceremony, macramé backdrops are incredibly versatile. Keep it simple with minimal styling for a more modern celebration, go big with plenty of florals for a garden wedding or nail the beach-glam look by suspending it between two pieces of driftwood.

Evening ceremonies

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If exchanging vows under a starry sky and surrounded by twinkling lights sounds like the stuff of daydreams, this trend is for you. While daytime weddings are still the go-to, more couples are looking into evening ceremonies and are going wild with candles, fairy lights and lanterns. The result? Utterly enchanting.

Focus on individuality

Remember how we said convention was becoming less of a thing? From monogramed ceremony programs to super-personal vows (“I vow to watch every episode of Stranger Things with you, to one day fix that creeky floorboard…“), couples are adding as much individuality as possible to their wedding ceremonies. This can be as simple as incorporating a favourite quote in your signage or including a reference to your shared pop-culture obsession in your styling. You do you!

Venues with personality

The next natural step with the ‘personality’ trend is tying the knot in a venue that means something to the both of you. A favourite restaurant, a park you both regularly visit, a store you both love (and that’s happy to hold weddings) – they’re all incredible options for a wedding ceremony with special meaning.

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Wide open spaces

This 2017 trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This year, couples are seeking venues with large outdoor spaces and breathtaking views, and it’s not hard to see why. Farms and large private properties are still hot on couple’s wishlists, creating a sense of grandeur while still keeping things natural and laid-back. If you ask us, it’s a timeless option that we’ll never fall out of love with!

Warehouse weddings

On the flip side, couples wanting a city celebration are loving warehouse weddings. An obvious match-made-in-heaven for industrial-chic styling, this trend is perfect for those wanting an indoor venue that’s not as flashy or traditional as a ballroom. An extra bonus? Goodbye weather woes!

Bold blooms

Last year we saw plenty of weddings that used nothing but fresh greenery and white flowers. This year, the trend is still strong but there’s also more of a shift towards bolder, darker flowers. Bouquets featuring a mix of almost-black tones, deep reds, burgundies, peaches and pale pinks will be popular, teamed with deep-green foliage. A slightly more traditionally feminine look, bouquets using bright pinks, reds, peaches and touches of yellow will also be huge. Another colour combo we’re loving is pale blue with cream tones, dusty pinks and deep burgundies.

Large bouquets

Bye, tiny posies. See you later, tightly-bound bouquets. Bouquets in 2018 are a matter of ‘go big or go home’ and more brides are opting for looser styles with a ‘wild’ look. If you’re worried about getting lost behind your bouquet, show your florist a pic of your dress and they’ll design something that complements it perfectly.

Pre-wedding get-togethers

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Yep, we’re kicking things off even before the ceremony in 2018! Plenty of couples are choosing to make their wedding a weekend-long event and are tying the knot in destinations that require a bit of a drive and an overnight stay. To make the most of this, pre-wedding get-togethers are becoming really popular as a way to gather all your guests before the big day and say “welcome and thanks for coming!” Casual drinks and nibbles are a fabulous idea, while those really wanting to spoil their guests are also hosting pre-wedding lunches and dinners. That’s a whole ‘lotta celebrating!

Post-wedding catch-ups

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After all the festivities of the big day, the fun doesn’t have to stop! Couples hosting wedding weekends are also embracing the trend of post-wedding catch-ups, gathering all their guests together for a last hurrah before everyone leaves. Millennial-friendly brunches are a beloved option, but if you’re wanting to treat your guests to something a little more low-key it’s a sweet idea to organise a coffee van to rock up to your guests’ group accommodation in the morning. It’s something your (hungover) loved ones might thank you for.

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