grooms suit guide to key wedding looks by Black Jacket Suiting

The ultimate grooms guide to key wedding looks this year

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Are you a modern groom who wants to take control of your wedding day style? Look no further! We’ve got the ultimate guide for you. Our expert fashion guide for grooms covers all the dress codes and key wedding looks to help you confidently select the perfect suit for your big day and say “I do” in style this year.

Meet the expert
Black Jacket Suiting are Brisbane’s multi-award winning Hire, Purchase, and Custom suit specialist who will make sure that everyone is dressed to impress. With a range of options to suit every style and budget – from classic black-tie to more modern and trendy looks – their team of experts will work with you to create the perfect outfit for your big day.

1. Black-Tie

Traditionally reserved for evening weddings, black-tie attire is a timeless and elegant choice for grooms. Here’s what you’ll need to pull off this sophisticated look:

• Tuxedo: opt for a classic black or midnight blue/navy tuxedo with a peak or shawl lapel.
• Shirt: A crisp white dinner shirt with a pleated or textured front/bib and double cuffs to complete the look.
• Bowtie: Choose a black silk bowtie that matches the silk lapel fabric of your tuxedo.
• Accessories: Polished black patent leather shoes, white pocket square and black or peal studs if the shirt permits.

2. White-Tie

As the most formal dress code, white-tie weddings are rare but truly glamorous affairs. Here’s how to achieve this distinguished look:

• Tailcoat: A black tailcoat with satin peak lapels is the centrepiece of white-tie attire.
• Trousers: High-waisted black trousers with a single satin stripe down each side are the perfect match for your tailcoat.
• Shirt: A wing-collared white dress shirt with a stiff front is essential.
• Waistcoat: A contrasting-coloured waistcoat should be worn underneath the tailcoat
• Accessories: A white bowtie, polished black leather shoes and cufflinks will complete your white-tie look.

3. Cocktail

Cocktail attire strikes a balance between formality and style, making it ideal for afternoon or evening weddings. Here’s what you need for a dapper cocktail look:

• Suit: A well-fitted dark-coloured suit, such as charcoal, navy, or dark blue, is a must.
• Shirt: Pair your suit with a crisp pastel dress shirt, and don’t be afraid to play around with colours.
• Tie: A slim silk of knitted tie with a complementary colour will elevate your ensemble.
• Accessories: Leather dress shoes, a pocket square and cufflinks are staples to complete this look.

4. Semi-Formal

Perfect for daytime weddings, semi-formal attire is all about looking polished and put together. Here’s what you need to achieve a semi-formal look:
• Suit: opt for a tailored suit in a lighter shade, such as grey, light navy or even a subtle check pattern.
• Shirt: A crisp white shirt never fails. However, you can opt for a powder blue or soft pink to contrast your suit colour
• Tie: A silk tie in a coordinating colour is a must. Feel free to experiment with patterns and textures to offset a plain base suit.
• Accessories: Leather dress shoes, preferably in brown, which a matching belt and pocket square for flair to complete your semi-formal look.

5. Casual

For laid-back weddings, a casual dress code allows you to be comfortable while still looking sharp. Here’s how to achieve the perfect casual wedding look:

• Blazer or Sports Coat: A well-fitted blazer in a neutral tone is a great alternative to a full suit. Keep in mind you can double a suit jacket as a sports coat.
• Shirt: A button-down collar shirt in a subtle pattern will keep you looking stylish without being overly formal. You could also consider a crisp thin dressy polo shirt under the jacket.
• Trousers or Chinos: Avoid jeans and instead opt for tailored trousers or a chino in a coordinating colour from your jacket.
• Tie (optional): Generally, a tie is not needed, but don’t be afraid to opt for something more fun in the pattern to provide you with that relaxed vibe.
• Accessories: Casual dress shoes, leather loafers, and half-boots are all acceptable options. Complete the look with a jazzy pocket square to give that extra thought to the ensemble.

No doubt, the groom’s suit is a crucial element that can make or break his overall look when it comes to a wedding day. That’s why finding the perfect balance between showcasing your style and adhering to the event’s dress code is important. By understanding the key looks of each dress code, you can confidently choose an ensemble that reflects the significance of the occasion while still feeling comfortable and true to yourself. For more help on nailing your stylish look, reach out to Black Jacket Suiting.