Spring wedding flowers

Stunning in-season flowers for a spring wedding (with images)

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We turned to Brisbane florist-extraordinaire, Kate Dawes, for her low-down on the flowers that should be top of your list when looking to create stunning spring wedding bouquets.

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Your in-season guide to spring wedding flowers

  • Agapanthus (late) comes in White and Blue: Lovely used in a Tall Arrangement or Fun Texture in a Bouquet
Spring Wedding Flowers, agapanthus
Image Credit: Weddingclan / Pinterest
  • Banksia: We have them in fun colours or they are just the perfect addition to a dried natural bouquet.
Spring Wedding Flowers, banksia
Image Credit: Fig Tree Pictures and Kate Dawes Flower Design bouquet
  • Blossom: Always a favorite, but timing is crucial for the buds to open at that perfect moment
Spring Wedding Flowers, blossom
Image Credit: Kate Dawes Flower Design
  • Boronia: Just love the citrus scent and the hot pink is to die for, along with the moody brown! The tiny cup-shaped flowers look beautiful clustered together on the one stem. 
Spring Wedding Flowers, boronia
Image Credit: Cloud Catcher Studio and Kate Dawes Flower Design bouquet
  • Canterbury bells: A must, and they come in white and mauve. They are named after their ‘bell’ appearance and while they can be a country look, used in a crafty way, just perfect!
Spring Wedding Flowers, canterbury bells
Image Credit: Cloud Catcher Studio and Kate Dawes Flower Design bouquet
  • Cornflower: A dramatic royal Blue to add a pop of colour. 
  • Delphinium: We get Pacific which is tall and dramatic and the Butterfly which is light and airy
Spring Wedding Flowers, Delphinium
Image Credit: Quince and Mulberry Studios and Kate Dawes Flower Design garden forest
  • Lilac: Has to be a favourite in white and soft coloured mauve.
Spring Wedding Flowers, lilac
Image Credit: Kate Dawes Flower Design – garden forest
  • Lily: We get double petal ones now…Cannot wait to bring the Lily back!! Image Credit: Easytogrowbulbs
Spring Wedding Flowers, rose lily
  • Lily of the valley (oct) So petite, delicate, and whimsical. Sometimes the stems are a tad short for larger bouquets. 
Spring Wedding Flowers, lily of the valley
Image Credit: goodhousekeeping
  • Lisianthus: I call this the soft Rose because of the soft delicate petals
Spring Wedding Flowers, lisianthus
Image Credit: Flowermoxie
  • Orchid: My favorite is the Cymbidium especially the Brown
Spring Wedding Flowers, cymbidium orchid
Image Credit: Bec Smith of BXCSMXTH and Kate Dawes Flower Design Bouquet
  • Phalaenopsis orchid: If you like the idea of adding some lux vibes put a tick on these.
Spring Wedding Flowers, Phalaenopsis
Image Credit: Florido Photography and Kate Dawes Flower Design Bouquet
  • Pussy willow: Touch of twig is always a thing!
Spring Wedding Flowers, pussy willow
Image Credit: Etsy
  • Protea: We get some amazing ones now…Pink Ice, Grandi colour and more
Spring Wedding Flowers, proteas
Image Credit: Kristina Wild Photography and Kate Dawes Flower Design Bouquets
  • Ranunculus; The soft folded petals are just divine, and the range of colours makes them so special.
Spring Wedding Flowers, ranunculus
Image Credit: Pinestateflowers
  • Rhododendron: These are great to Bulk up and arrangement as the flowering heads burst open in a spectacular colour bomb Petals can be damaged easily so treat with care.
Spring Wedding Flowers, rhododendron
Image Credit: Nina & Wes Photography
  • Rose: Where do you start; Our Australian Farmers have some beautiful varieties and are worth seeking out. In saying that our customers just love a reflexed Columbian Rose.
Spring Wedding Flowers, roses
Image Credit: Just For Love Photography and Kate Dawes Flower Design Arrangement
  • Snapdragon: Country like with a range of awesome colors
Spring Wedding Flowers, snapdragons
Image Credit: Frozenseeds
  • Statice: Whimsical and great used in mass or to add a wild touch. Can be dried or fresh. 
Spring Wedding Flowers, statice
Image Credit: Floweraddicted
  • Stephanotis (late) Bring out your wallet…. But makes a divine trail with its little white flowers
Spring Wedding Flowers, stephanotis
Image Credit: Kate Dawes Flower Design Bouquet
  • Stock: Beautiful scent with the apricot or custard yellow being a favourite. The elongated shape pops above other flowers in a bouquet to give great shape. 
Spring Wedding Flowers, stock
Image Credit: Stories by Ash (photography) and Kate Dawes Flower Design Bouquet
  • Sunflower (late): Happy flower!!
Spring Wedding Flowers, sunflower
Image Credit: Cloud Catcher Studio and Kate Dawes Flower Design Arbour
  • Sweat pea (early) Oh just perfect for that wandering random look
Spring Wedding Flowers, sweet pea
Image Credit: kdjbotanica
  • Tulip (early): Fringed, Doubles and singles. Beautiful blown open or closed, not to mention so many colours. 
Spring Wedding Flowers, tulips
Image Credit: Ivory + Rose Photography and Kate Dawes Flower Design Bouquet
  • Waratah: Simply stunning focal flower for texture and colour (Red and white)
Spring Wedding Flowers, waratah
Image Credit: Swallows Nest Farm

These flowers listed below are featured in our Winter wedding edit and are also a good choice for spring wedding flowers. 

*Alstromeria: Choose masses of one colour for maximum effect and peel off all the busy foliage
*Anthurium: You love them or hate them. Amazing colors to add just a pop of fine line to bouquet or arrangements
*Arum lily: A streamlined classic look
*Calla lily: Great colors to add a touch of drama. Similar to arum
*Daffodil: Cheery Field flower look
*Gerbera: Just love the Double petal ones but hard to get
*Gladioli: Fun to try but have their limits
*Heliconia: Just add a pop for shape and colour
*Hyacinth: If you are not into a heavy perfume turn the other way. The flowerets are perfect for wired work
*Iris: Drama    
*Jonquil: Country field style
*Magnolia: Just the Foliage
*Poppy: Watching them POP open is the best part

We’d like to thank Kate from Kate Dawes Flower Design for her contribution. If you’re after more spring wedding flower inspiration be sure to check out our Pinterest collection.