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Your in-season guide to beautiful winter wedding flowers (with images)

Flowers // by Nikki Ernst

Winter weddings are truly magical, and one thing that can really elevate your special day is the presence of beautiful wedding flowers. These delicate blooms add to your overall look and help complete the entire aesthetic of your wedding. However, it’s important to keep in mind which flowers are in season during the winter months. This helps with budgeting and ensures that your flowers are in prime condition and readily available. To help with your planning, we reached out to Kate Dawes, a renowned wedding florist based in Brisbane, who provided us with a comprehensive list of the best flowers for a winter wedding. With this list, you’ll be able to create the perfect bouquet, ceremony and reception styling, and table decor for your special day.

Your in-season guide to winter wedding flowers

(commonly known as Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas)
Beautiful when used in mass 

soft and beautiful Alstroemeria winter wedding flower
via Wedding Chicks / Pinterest

 Soft and delicate to add a whimsical touch

soft and delicate Anemones wedding bouquet
via Molly Quill Photography / Pinterest

 Modern, sleek and popular in lux-style arrangements.

white Anthuriums winter wedding bouquet
Via Rock My Wedding / Pinterest

Arum lily (late)
Modern and structural.

beautiful white Arum lily wedding bouquet
Via Wedding Forward / Pinterest

These beauties come in white pink and deep pink. The delicate blossoms contrast against their stick base beautifully. Great to achieve height without impairing the view at a table.

pink Blossoms used for winter wedding flowers
Via Ruffled Blog / Pinterest

Blushing Bride
Commonly known as Protea
An Australian native with interesting texture 

Blushing Bride Protea Australian Native bridal bouquet
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Not usually used as a cut flower as they do not last. However, the few random ones we get on our foliage bunches add a bit of fun.

Camellia's used in white winter wedding bouquet
Via Martha Stewart / Pinterest

Great for a touch of texture and vibrant colour pop! 

Celocia wedding bouquet winter flowers
Via Style Me Pretty / Pinterest

Cymbidium orchid
Commonly known as Boat orchid
Available in so many amazing colours now, they add a touch of luxury to any arrangement. They come in two head sizes so you can vary their use.

Cymbidium orchid bridal bouquet
Via Liberty Blooms / Pinterest

Daffodil ‘Erlicheer’
Beautiful creamy colour with a high scent.

Daffodil 'Erlicheer' is a creamy wedding flower with strong scent
Via Tessselaar / Pinterest

Daffodil ‘Jonquil’
Better known as: the happy flower.

Daffodil 'Jonquil' winter wedding flower
Via Zita Elze / Pinterest

 Oh, I love a freesia These are not commonly used now but I certainly love including them in my arrangements – especially the white ones.

lovely white Fressias wedding bouquet
Via Lauren Kerns Photography / Pinterest

 Not the most popular flower – but you know what? It depends on HOW you use these beauties. Think outside the box!

pink gerbera bridal bouquet for winter
Via Interflora UK / Pinterest

 Interestingly, if you place the stem in a horizontal position the stem tip will turn to the vertical.

Gladioli winter wedding flowers used as table decor
Via Multiflora Flower Market SA / Pinterest

Great for a pop of colour and structural shape.

Heliconia wedding flower ideas
Via Columbian Tropical Flowers / Pinterest

Such beautiful soft colours which add a touch of whimsy to any arrangement.

Helleborus wedding flowers
Via Bluestone Perennials / Pinterest

Gorgeous flowerets all down the soft stem, with a lovely scent.

beautiful hyacinth florals for weddings
Via Pinterest

Adds a pop of colour (and quite structural).

purple iris wedding flower bouquet
Via / Pinterest

Australian native with a lovely rich burgundy colour (also comes in sunset colours). 

Leucadendron Australian native flower for wedding bouquet
Via Swallows Nest Farm / Pinterest

The soft Rose!

Via Love’n Fresh Flowers/Pinterest

We don’t use the cut flower, however, the rich green leaves lined with brown are always special.

beautiful magnolia flower and leaf bouquet
Via Studio Blush & Eric Foley Photography/Pinterest

 Just so much variety – we always welcome them in our arrangements.

All white orchid bouquet
Via The Knot / Pinterest

Phalaenopsis Orchid
Perfect to add a touch of LUX. So many amazing colours to choose from in both natural and dyed stems.

Via Aisle Society / Pinterest

Poppy (late)
A great pop of colour.

beautiful and colourful poppy wedding bouquet
Via Martha Stewart Weddings / Pinterest

Reflexing the petals is very on-trend, but I do love a natural garden Rose.

Beautiful rose bouquet

Sweet Pea
These are wonderful to use in garden-style weddings.

sweet pea bridal bouquet
Via Rachael Ellen Events / Pinterest

Available as doubles and singles and with a variety of so many amazing colours now. Just beautiful.

all white tulip wedding bouquet
Via / Pinterest

We’d like to thank Kate from Kate Dawes Flower Design for her contribution. If you’re after more winter wedding flower inspiration be sure to check out our Pinterest collection.

Feature image via Green Wedding Shoes / Pinterest