wedding tasks for family and friends

Wedding tasks for friends and family

Tips + Advice // by QB

If you’ve ever organised anything, you’ll know planning can really get away from you. And anyone in the throes of wedding planning knows this is true a thousand-fold. So let’s look at how you can delegate wedding tasks for family and friends because when the invites go out, you may be surprised at how many people put their hand up to help.

Tasks get ticked. Your nearest and dearest feel good. Win, win.

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Beyond bridesmaids

Beyond organising the hens and crossing their fingers they’ll be blessed with a fabulous dress, your bridal party may not be exactly sure what’s expected of them. Especially if they’ve never had to play the role before. Think about any particular tasks you might like your bridesmaids (and groomsmen) to fulfil and communicate them clearly. A few off the top of our heads: gown shopping (unless you’d rather fly solo on this one, we get it), addressing wedding invitations and/or thank you cards, coordinating group activities, giving a speech, and taking part in the ceremony processional.

Dial up the DIY

Need to sticker your jam-jar favours? Fill welcome baskets? Fold a gazillion paper cranes? A cute DIY project can quickly escalate into a late-night ordeal when you’re scaling up for 100+ guests. Remember: many hands make light work, especially when you add bubbles.

Welcoming committee

Allocating airport pick-ups is a great way to kick-start some pre-wedding bonding. On the day, you can also allocate someone to play usher, assisting family members with any tricky terrain, and making sure nana is comfortably seated in a prime position.

Talent show

Got a friend with a guitar? Or maybe a star baker among your crew? From building ceremony décor to creating sentimental treats for your hens, there are plenty of ways your talented pals can contribute.

Day-of transport

If you’re not hiring a car, ask friends or family. A favourite uncle will likely jump at the chance to give his beloved vintage Rolls a run and deliver you to “I do.”

Hair & makeup

While you may want to put your bridal look in the hands of a professional, a friend or relative who’s handy with a hairdryer could assist with flower girl hair, on-the-day touch-ups, and creating your reception look.

Flower child

Let’s face it, watching a stage-struck flower girl dump her petal basket all over the nearest chair is always a good time. But why should the littles have all the fun? If you have a grandparent who loves being the centre of attention or a friend who likes to ham it up, pass them the petal basket.

Ring bearer

Traditionally this would fall to one of the younger members of the bridal party, but there might be someone else who you know would relish this role. It might be a cousin, special auntie or even your mum.

Confetti toss

If you’re having a confetti toss (and honestly, who isn’t these days?), ask a niece or cousin to hand out the confetti cones to the rest of the guests.

Can I get a witness?

This plumb role will have your chosen ones immortalised on your wedding certificate and featured in plenty of wedding pics. Legally you need two witnesses to sign, and the only caveat is they must be over 18. This could be a special honour for your grandparents, favourite cousin or childhood bestie.

Coordinating kids

Wrangling small humans is not for the faint-hearted, especially when you throw in the excitement of a wedding. Luckily, most people have a babysitter, educator, or magician in their inner circle, someone who can shepherd the little darlings, ensure they’re heading in the right direction when the entrance music kicks in, and help keep them entertained at the reception.

Pup sitting

Same goes for your best dog. If you’re not hiring a pet-sitting professional, ask a friend or family member who knows your doggo to take care of them on the day and maybe even run them home between the ceremony and reception.

A speaking role

Some people just love public speaking. And having a loved-one deliver your readings or poems at the ceremony and any messages or letters from absent friends at the reception will add an extra-special note to the day.

Floral switch-up

Repurposing your florals and decor at the reception? While you’re gallivanting around the countryside with your photographer, your pals could help ferry the precious pieces to the next location.

Bathroom buddy

Not to be indelicate, but if you’ve chosen a dress that is voluminous, buttoned, or fitted (basically most wedding dresses), you may need a bathroom buddy to help you safely navigate the inevitable toilet trips. Bridesmaids and sisters are perfect candidates, they’ve already been through it all!

Hold this …

Holding your bag/bouquet/veil/tissues usually falls to a bridesmaid. Or two. Because when you inevitably need to touch up your lippie (kissing and Champagne can really take a toll) or dab your eyes, you’ll appreciate the help. You’ll also need someone to fluff your skirt, hold your bouquet, and pick leaves out of your veil before tossing it for the camera.

Prepping your dance floor playlist

Consider a call-out on your socials for reception playlist ideas. Because nothing brings the crowd to the floor like a few favourite tunes – and bonus points for creating a wedding day soundtrack you can bust out at anniversaries.

TIP: Keep in mind that some people may want to decline or not feel comfortable taking a role politely. It’s an invitation to be part of the preparations, not an obligation. And when you are dishing out the jobs, just remember to add all these roles to your spreadsheet or list so everyone (including you!) knows exactly who is doing what.