Wedding trends: Cool tech

Tips + Advice // by QB

Okay, time to tech yourself. Seriously, it has never been easier to spread the word about your big day (e-vites), keep everyone in the loop (wedding websites) and capture every magical moment (drones, VR video & phone cameras). You can even include guests who couldn’t make the wedding via live streaming. What a time to be alive!


From the wedding of Monica + Lindsay

A current stand-out is projection mapping — basically projecting high-resolution imagery and videos on to walls or ceilings, giving you huge scope to create something dynamic and memorable.

Consider transporting your guests to another country (or universe) as they enter your ceremony site, a dance floor of stars, or projecting images onto your cake.


The Temple House

Virtual Reality (VR) Video is also on the rise as part of a photography package, thanks to its unique ability to let you view your wedding from every angle with the help of a snazzy headset. Just remember, it’s all about the mood you want to create — don’t let technology take over.

Many couples are requesting an ‘unplugged’ phone-free ceremony to prevent a paparazzi feel as they exchange vows (not to mention, premature posting before the documents are even signed!). We’re on board.

Feature image: The Temple House