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Wedding wishes: 20 ways to write in a wedding card

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Let’s face it: writing a birthday card can be hard enough let alone being stuck on knowing exactly what to say in a wedding card. You’ll want to hit the right tone – it’s sentimental, loving, and tailored to the bride and groom. If you know them fairly well, you’ll be able to add some inside jokes to your wedding wishes. Otherwise, you can take note of the couple themselves and create a message that works for them. You don’t have to write the next great novel in your card, either – your wedding wishes can be short and sweet, so long as they’re heartfelt.

Follow our simple guide below to nailing the perfect message.



Classic wording for a classic couple, these wedding wishes exude thoughts of romance and hope. Traditionally, ‘congratulations’ was considered a no-no; now, it’s not a faux pas. You can say best wishes if it still gets under your skin – otherwise, go right ahead and congratulate the bride and groom!

1. Best wishes on this happy day and for the future.

2. Wishing you a life filled with love, joy, and friendship.

3. May today be the beginning of a long and happy life together.

4. May the joy you feel today last a lifetime.



If you’re planning on easing away from ‘stuffier’ sayings, a casual card is the way to go. Be sincere, be heartfelt, and show plenty of love.

5. Congratulations on your wedding!

6. We’re/I’m so happy to be celebrating your wedding with you today.

7. Sending lots of love for the future ahead.

8. Yay, you’re married!


If the couple is religious, opt for a religious card – this can make mention of God, or quote the couple’s religious book of choice. If you’re uncomfortable doing this, no worries! Just opt for one of the examples above.

9. May the Lord bless and keep you through your marriage.

10. Mazel Tov! May your wedding be full of blessings.

11. Sending prayers for endless happiness and joy in your life together.

12. Love is patient, love is kind… – 1 Corinthians 13:4



If a sibling or relative is getting married, there’s often extra cause for celebration! If you’re particularly close to this person, make sure that’s reflected in your card – and make sure to welcome the new addition to your family. Customise the above, add a few fond memories, and you’re sorted.

13. I’m so glad to see my big brother married – and to have a new sister in the family.

14. Congratulations to my favourite aunt and my new favourite uncle!

15. Lots of love to the best mum I could ask for, and to the man who’s making her happier than ever.

16. What a wonderful day for our family – where we welcome a new son and see our daughter so happy. We love you both!


You probably don’t need much of our help here! Again, go for a heartfelt card – but ensure you tweak any of our suggestions with a few memories to make it that bit more personal. Inside jokes are fabulous, too.

17. My best friend has found her soulmate – and I couldn’t be happier.

18. Make sure you make his coffee just how he likes it, and you’re set for the best marriage ever.

19. I’m so glad to call you both my friends and to see you so happy together. Congratulations!

20. May you bring each other as much happiness as you’ve brought to my life – and more.


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