Yellow gold and yellow diamond bridal jewellery sets

7 dazzling yellow gold and diamond options for your bridal jewellery set

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When it comes to bridal jewellery sets, the combination of yellow gold and yellow diamonds is truly dazzling. The warmth of the gold signifies enduring love and timeless elegance, while the shimmering allure of different diamond shapes adds a unique and vibrant sparkle. Incorporating these precious elements into rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets can enhance the beauty and sentiment of your bridal jewellery ensemble.

We’ve found 7 perfect choices from Brisbane’s Clayfield Jewellery that will help bring the warmth of yellow gold or the uplifting shimmer of a yellow diamond to your bridal set.

Ellendale Yellow Diamond from Clayfield Jewellery

#1.  Modern and mesmerising, this Western Australian Ellendale yellow diamond is pure sunlight.

Diamond and Gold earrings from Clayfield Jewellery

 #2. Diamond & gold Huggies are a classic choice you’ll wear forever.

Toi et Moi ring from Clayfield Jewellery

 #3. A romantic setting that dates back to Napoleon & Josephine, the Toi et Moi (meaning ‘you & me’) style symbolises the union of two hearts. 

Yellow Heliodor drop earrings from Clayfield Jewellery

 #4. Look out for the yellow heliodor (Latin for ‘gift from the sun’), a gemstone in the beryl family that also includes emeralds and aquamarine.

Wedding band set with diamonds from Clayfield Jewellery

#5.  For maximum sparkle, choose a gold wedder (wedding band) set with diamonds. 

South Sea Pearl drop earrings with baguette diamonds from Clayfield Jewellery

 #6. Add a dash of deco glamour to classic South Sea Pearls with baguette diamonds & 18 ct gold.

Yellow diamond pearl engagement ring from Clayfield Jewellery

 #7. How do you wear a yellow pear? With more diamonds, of course!

Want help choosing your engagement ring, wedding ring or bridal jewellery set? Turn to Brisbane wedding jewellery specialist Clayfield Jewellery.