Wedding animals: Bride and groom with their pooch at the wedding.

8 fun photo ops with animals at your wedding

Tips + Advice // by Natasha Pavez

Oh, how we love animals at weddings. They’re adorable, funny, full of love and sometimes even a little wild – qualities that never go astray at a wedding! You might not be able to include your furry friend in your big day (some venues prohibit animals at weddings), but if you’re lucky and you can, here’s some inspiration from Jess Marks Photography. Send that invitation to Fido ASAP.

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1. A final cuddle with your adoring pooch before you leave for the church? Check.

Bride saying goodbye to her dog before the wedding

2. Dressing up to the nines is not just for humans.

Wedding animals: Bride and her dog wearing a bow-tie

3. No pets? No problem. Take some pictures at a local farm and be prepared for some classic outtakes.

Wedding animals: Bride and groom at a local farm with goats

4. Photos in the field = very nice. Photos in field + cows = utterly charming.

Wedding animals: Bride and groom walking in a field at sunset

5. Sidle up for a selfie with an alpaca, for a wedding photo with a difference.

Wedding animals: Bride and groom with alpacas.

6. Let’s face it, dogs just make everything cooler.

Wedding animals: Wedding photographer sitting with dog

7. Why shouldn’t Fluffy walk down the aisle with you both? Just as long as he’s properly attired, of course.

Wedding animals: Bride and groom walking out of the church with their tuxedo pooch

8. A word of wisdom if you’re planning to have your pet at your wedding: be prepared to share the spotlight. But don’t worry, you’ll also get some great wedding photos.

Animals at weddings: Bridal party getting ready with their dog.

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