best mans duties

A best man’s duties – and why he’s so important

Grooms // by The QB Team

Hundreds of years ago, the best man was the guy you paid to protect your bride-to-be from anyone who might carry her off during the ceremony. Needless to say, he was usually the biggest guy in town! In today’s wedding game, he is your all important wing man and because he has a few more duties, now it’s crucial to choose someone who is truly up for the job.

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Here are your best man’s duties and why he’s so important:

  • Moral support before and during the big day.
  • Director of your buck’s night committee.
  • Transports you to the wedding ceremony and tries to keep you as calm and relaxed as possible!
  • Ensures that your wedding rings are kept safe until your vows are exchanged.
  • Official witness to the signing of your wedding certificate.
  • Delivers one of the most important and traditional speeches at the wedding reception.

It’s really up to you as to the number of groomsmen you decide to include in your bridal party. Our only advice? Choose close relatives and good friends – people you know will be around in 10 years!

You’ve got the best man, now time to find the best suit via the QB wedding directory here.