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Get the perfect engagement/wedding ring stack: Karl from Xennox diamonds shares his expert tips

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If you’ve scrolled through Insta lately, you’d know that the ‘stack’ or ‘set’ is huge in engagement and wedding rings right now. Thinking of going with this style? We asked Karl from Xennox Diamonds for a little expert advice…

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How do you know what suits your engagement ring?

“There are four main styles of engagement rings: solitaire, the solitaire with shoulder diamonds, the trilogy and the beautiful halo. Deciding on the right style of wedding ring to complement your engagement ring can mean the difference between a wedding band that shows off your engagement ring or detracts from it.”

What works with each style?

  • “The Timeless Solitaire: The classic solitaire engagement ring – featuring either a traditional plain band or a diamond set band – will really make your centre diamond stand out.
  • Solitaire with a Twist: The rule of thumb to remember with this style is to always use the same diamonds from the engagement band in your wedding band. Ideally, it should have the same size diamonds, colour, clarity and matching setting style as the engagement ring.
  • The Elegant Three Stone: Like with the solitaire, the emphasis should be on the main diamonds. So whether you choose a traditional band or a diamond set one, it’ll all come down to whether you are wanting to add some extra sparkle to your finger.
  • The Crowning Halo: Depending on how big your diamond halo is, you may want to opt for bigger diamonds in the wedding band, so it is not completely lost under the halo.”

Tips on choosing a traditional band:

“First, make sure that the profile of your wedding ring matches your engagement ring perfectly. For the best result, have a master jeweller craft your traditional wedding ring – it’ll match in every way and look like the two rings were made at the same time by the same jeweller.”

Looking for a diamond set wedding ring?

  1. Always match the diamond setting style. If your engagement ring is claw set, choose a shared or split claw set wedding ring. Likewise, if you have channel set diamonds in your engagement ring, a channel set wedding ring will look best.
  2. Always match the diamond size and width to the band of your engagement ring. If you try and go a little bit bigger, it will look like you tried to make it match but failed. Also, if you’re going to go bigger, go distinctly bigger. The only downside to this is that it may take away from your centre diamond (unless you have a halo engagement ring). If you are going to vary the size of your wedding band to your engagement ring, consider a split wedding ring.

Wondering what a split wedding band is? Essentially, it’s two wedding bands that you wear on either side of your engagement ring. It’s a great option for brides who like to have everything perfectly balanced.

What about gold colour?

Generally, you should always match the gold colour and purity. So, if your engagement ring is 18ct white gold, it is best to put an 18ct white gold wedding band next to it. This will make sure that not only that the colour matches best, but the wear and tear of them rubbing together will be evenly distributed. Some exceptions to this might be mixing the colours of rose gold and white gold, which is very on-trend right now.

It’s always a good idea to think about how your engagement ring set will look for the longest part of your life and not the shortest. Most brides are engaged for 12-18 months, but your life after is (hopefully) going to last much longer! Just as you’ve made a perfect match with your partner, your wedding ring should be the perfect match to your engagement ring.

If you are needing some help choosing the perfect wedding ring, book a wedding ring discovery session with the team of wedding ring specialist at Xennox Diamonds.