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Don and Rosemary Gillett are the inspirational duo behind Gilletts Jewellers – an exclusive, appointment-only jewellery store at Newmarket in Brisbane’s inner north. Gilletts specialise in ready-made and custom-made engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding bands, and their prestigious designs and incredible craftsmanship attract customers from around Australia as well as internationally. Offering a wide range of superior quality diamonds, you are assured to find a unique piece that will add the right amount of sparkle to your special day. Beginning his jewellery career at the young age of 15, Don was awarded Queensland Apprentice of the Year. Gilletts Jewellers have gone on to win numerous awards for excellence over the 48 years they’ve been operating, including a Bridal Industry Consumer’s Choice Jeweller of the Year Award and a Bridal Industry Business Excellence Award.

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Don is a certified gemmologist and jewellery maker who works alongside a small team of skilled jewellers, while Rosemary is the backbone of the business – meeting clients, managing daily operations and providing creative direction for intricate and exquisite store displays… though such beautiful pieces essentially speak for themselves. We asked Don whether Gilletts Jewellers have created jewellery for anyone famous…

6 stackable gold and silver wedding rings from Gilletts Jewellers

“Yes, we’ve produced jewellery for a well-known entertainer, some politicians and a high-profile Olympic swimmer. For us though, each and every client that walks through our door is important and special, so we treat everyone purchasing an engagement or wedding ring like a celebrity.”

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