A Gold Coast Hinterland wedding at sunset.

6 helpful tips for a glorious Gold Coast hinterland wedding

Tips + Advice // by The QB Team

Picturesque and private, the Gold Coast hinterland is an Insta-ready setting for a wedding. From mountainside ceremonies to manicured gardens, there’s plenty to love about this very beautiful part of the world. Wherever you choose to tie the knot, be sure to find a wedding planner who’s familiar with the area and keep in mind these six helpful tips for a glorious Gold Coast hinterland wedding…

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Think about your surroundings. What will be the best themes to complement your hinterland setting? Techno glam? Palm Springs chic? Um, maybe not. In this lovely environment, your best bet will be vintage elegance, rustic country romance or eco-chic, which are all perfect for a hinterland wedding.

Your location may be pristine and secluded, which is perfect for your intimate affair, but your guests may struggle to actually find it! Hinterland areas can be fairly spread out, so mud maps are a fantastic idea to include alongside invitations, on your wedding forum/website, or as a special email. Include a map and directions to your event to help everyone arrive on time (fingers crossed)!

Do some homework and include a helpful little guide to the area with your invitations. Think accommodation suggestions, nearby restaurants and coffee shops, and the best local attractions. For an on-trend option, many invitation designers and Etsy creatives make beautiful watercolour maps that look like they’re straight out of Winnie the Pooh – a book famous for its gorgeous maps.

Double check there’s adequate parking and access to the spot. The last thing you want your guests to have to do is hike through the rainforest in heels to get to your nuptials – or, once there, find there’s nowhere to park. If your location is super-isolated, consider organising a shuttle bus so that your guests can relax and not have to stress about getting lost (they can then enjoy a few drinks, too!).

Hinterland locations can get pretty rainy, windy and cold (yes, in summer too!). Make sure you have some sort of shelter from the elements, especially for your ceremony. If you’re going to be married on the grass, remember wet weather can make walking in heels a disaster, so invest in some heel stoppers to prevent yourself from sinking while you exchange vows. Failing that, go for a casual, rustic aesthetic and opt for wellies!

If you have your heart set on holding your ceremony in a picturesque hinterland park and are looking for more suggestions, inspiration and information (including legalities), be sure to visit: gcparks.com.au.

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