It’s World Chocolate Day! Here are our fave chocolate things to sweeten your day

Tips + Advice // by The QB Team

Praise the heavens because… it’s World Chocolate Day today, guys! No, we did not make that up. To celebrate the blissful gift that is chocolate, we’ve put together a quick collection of our favourite chocolate things.

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Chocolate wedding cakes… obviously

world chocolate day

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It’s a go-to wedding cake flavour, but for good reason! A hit with guests of every age, chocolate offers an almost endless list of flavour combinations – dark chocolate and violet buttercream, anyone?

Willy Wonka’s sassiness in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is just an utter childhood classic. If you ask us, Willy Wonka’s creepy sassy comments are almost as fabulous as that chocolate river.

Chocolate coins at Christmas

world chocolate day

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We have no idea how chocolate coins became a Christmas tradition, but we’ll just go with it. Thanks Santa!

The almost-too-pretty-to-eat creations from My Chocolate Boutique


If life is like a box of chocolates, make ours one from My Chocolate Boutique – beautifully packaged and sprinkled with gold leaf. Using ethical high-quality cacao, this Indooroopilly chocolatier will, yes, make you feel like a kid in a chocolate shop. (FYI, they’re perfect for guests’ bonbonniere!)

The moment Bruce Bogtrotter smashed that giant chocolate cake in Matilda

*Puts on cricket commentator’s voice* A win for kids everywhere. What a stunning performance!

The wacky and amazing flavours of Compartés

world chocolate day

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We were pretty impressed by this trendy chocolatier’s roses and rosé chocolate bar, but that’s the kind of thing we’ve come to expect of Compartés. With flavours like potato crisp, birthday cake, white chocolate and matcha, and dark chocolate and smoked sea salt, Compartés is just oh-so cool. Their newly-launched avocado chocolate is really making waves in the chocolate world – now that’s a world we’d like to live in.

That time someone made Benedict Cumberbatch out of chocolate 

world chocolate day

Human creativity at its finest. We’ll take 12.

Chocolate labradors

We love labradors of any kind, really. Again, we’ll take 12.

The chocolate mud cake from Woolworths

It ain’t an Australian kids’ birthday party till someone brings out one of these. Seriously, how do they get the cake so dense?

Or, something a little bit more fancy – Sacher-Torte from Vienna’s Sacher Hotel 

World Chocolate day

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With a recipe that’s been kept secret since 1832, the original Sacher-Torte is arguably one of the most famous cakes in the world. Excuse us while we hop on a plane to Vienna…

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