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How to create a fun wedding ceremony

Ceremony // by The QB Team

The ceremony is always the business end of your wedding planning. You want to say ‘I do’ so you can start the celebrations and pop the cork off that Champagne bottle! However, it sets the mood for your wedding, so it’s important to make it enjoyable from the get go.

We had a chat with Carmen from Cloud Nine Ceremonies, who told us just how to create a fun wedding ceremony. Above all, she suggests, couples need to make the day a reflection of their life together – starting with the ceremony. There are so many ways to personalise your ceremony, but we’ve found our favourite ways…

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Although you’ll be provided with a general ceremony template from your celebrant which includes all the legalities, you have the option of adding as much of your own wording as you like. Perhaps include your favourite poem, a reading or special quotes that you both love – the sky really is the limit. Carmen suggests couples to be inventive and to research things they like to build a ceremony upon, and don’t be afraid to ask to include different ideas into your ceremony.

Your music selection is so significant – after all, it sets the tone and creates a mood. You want your ceremony to be heartfelt; it’s the time of the day for an abundance of romance. Music has a magical way of exuding a romantic vibe, so make sure you take the time to choose what atmosphere you’d like.

Add a sweet touch, while involving your favourite people. “You can be inventive with who brings the rings,” says Carmen. Take this as your opportunity to ask loved ones to carry the rings (perhaps a close friend who didn’t make it into the bridal party), or even include your cherished pet. Just make sure the rings are secure!

However, the most important thing of all is to remain true to who you are as a couple, no matter how you design your ceremony. Your ceremony should be memorable and full of love and laughter! It should tell a story of your love journey so far and the wishes for your future together as husband and wife.

You can get in touch with Carmen to enquire about her availability for your own ceremony via her website and check out our local ceremony directory to find the perfect venue!

Feature image: from the wedding of Naomi & Ben by Deezigner Images