Five minutes with Cara + Jamie from Brisbane City Celebrants

Ceremony // by QB

You want someone you can really trust to actually marry you and your sweetheart, someone who keeps the vibes laid-back and the laughs flowing. Enter, Cara and Jamie from Brisbane City Celebrants. With more than a decade’s experience, this amazing husband and wife team is all about spreading the love!

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How long have you been celebrants?
Excitingly, and we can hardly believe it ourselves, it’s 10 years! Where’s the bubbles? Inspired to create and deliver modern and authentic weddings, we launched our business at the Queensland Brides Wedding Expo a decade ago and have never looked back. As newlyweds ourselves, we had a great understanding of the kind of ceremonies couples wanted and the enthusiasm required to make happy and upbeat ceremonies a reality.

We assessed every part of the planning process and wedding day logistics and asked ourselves how we could improve the experience for couples. The results? A streamlined process and thoughtful inclusions designed to create an easy, stress-free and enjoyable planning experience and ceremony delivery. Even now, 10 years on, we continue to research and implement new ways of enhancing the experience we provide.


How does being a husband and wife celebrant team add to Brisbane City Celebrants?
We are each other’s mentor and toughest critic! Continually sharing ideas and looking for new unique ways to improve the service we provide our clients. And of course, we have no hesitation in giving each other honest feedback!

What is your celebrant style?
Our style has evolved and our public speaking confidence has improved significantly over the years as we continually gain more experience presenting and reflecting in genuine, authentic and meaningful ceremonies. We absolutely love every wedding we’re a part of: hence our motto — we simply LOVE celebrating love!

We’re also both really strong on alleviating any potential hiccups for our couples by being super thorough on the day and double checking dozens of things — from the pronunciation of names to ensuring the signing chairs are clean and tissues are at hand… just in case!


What makes a memorable wedding ceremony?
A wedding and vows that genuinely reflect the individual couple. Simply put, a wedding that just ‘feels’ right for them.

What about including pets in your ceremony?
We love our fur babies, so when our couples talk about involving them in their ceremony we get just a tad excited! We’ve even had a best man pretend to lose the rings, then dash off around the corner and return with the couple’s dog, to the complete surprise of the bride.

Congratulations on being the first celebrants in Australia to reach 100 five-star reviews on Google!
Thank you, we couldn’t be happier with this achievement as it’s our couples reinforcing how happy they are with such a special part of their day. So everyone’s a winner! Pre-wedding, many couples expect to be nervous and shy. Sometimes they even feel like getting the ‘ceremony bit’ out of the way and the party started. So having a ceremony that they and their guests thoroughly enjoy can actually come as a surprise. Our newlyweds often say their favourite part of the whole day was during the ceremony, which we think is amazing!

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