Mariana and Alan’s joyous celebration, with their blended families and close friends

Receptions // by QB

When Sunshine Coast wedding venue owner, Alan, married his beloved Mariana, we were keen to see how the day unfolded, particularly considering that they’re both normally on the other side of hosting weddings at their spectacular property! Photographer and friend, Tracy Beard, was there to capture the day in its full glory.

Having been a close friend of Mariana’s for several years, it was a privilege to be asked to photograph Mariana and Alan’s wedding.

Their wedding day was a wonderful, joyous celebration, with their blended families and close friends supporting them wholeheartedly. Their children formed their wedding party with Mariana’s son giving her away, and Alan’s son being his Best Man, while their daughters were beautiful Bridesmaids.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Winery at the gorgeous Flaxton Gardens in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, rather than outside in the gardens as originally planned. The weather had threatened storms and heavy rain, so they had prepared for this. However we were very blessed with the rain mostly avoiding us, and the clouds parting at just the right time to reveal a beautiful sunset.

The stunning wedding venue did not disappoint either, with many location choices for wedding portraits throughout their impeccably manicured gardens and vineyard. The view from Flaxton Gardens towards the coast is arguably the best on the Sunshine Coast!

With Alan being the owner of Flaxton Gardens, all eyes were on this event. Mariana had decorated the Winery and Barrel Room exquisitely, and the reception was a lively celebration of their love and devotion to one another and their families, culminating in a fireworks display as they departed as Mr and Mrs Thompson.

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Bride’s Black Book:
Photographer: Tracey Beard // The Couple: Mariana and Alan // Location: Flaxton Gardens, Sunshine Coast