How to seat the bridal table at your reception (with graphs!)

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If keeping to tradition, the classic bridal table located front and centre is an oldie but a goodie. Usually, the bride sits between the groom on her right and the best man on her left, while the maid of honour sits to the groom’s right (check out our first bridal table option). Including more people in your bridal party? Here are a few other ways to seat the stars of the show.

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Who sits where?



Bridal table alternativesbridal table

Sitting with your sweetheart
If you’re looking for something intimate and romantic, a sweetheart table is a lovely idea. This option involves setting up a small table for you and your new hubby, giving you the chance to take some time out and enjoy the moment together. And as an added bonus, you won’t need to work out the configuration of a head table, as your bridal party can be seated among your other guests.

Musical chairs
Another option is to leave two spare seats at every table, and visit a new one before, during and after each course. It means you’ll be on the go all night, but on the plus side, you’ll get to share a special moment with literally everyone at your wedding.

Family tables
Not seating your parents at the bridal table? Assign a family table with the parents of you and the groom, the grandparents, close family friends and the celebrant (if they’re sticking around). If your family is quite sizeable, seat each set of parents as the heads of their own tables with their nearest and dearest – the same goes for divorced or separated parents.

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