Mens wedding band trends

Men’s wedding bands

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Let’s face it, when it comes to jewellery it’s the women that often get all the attention. For men who embrace the tradition, wedding bands are worth the fuss (no pressure but they can often be the only jewellery your groom will ever wear) and there’s actually a surprising range of styles out there. Does your groom need a little inspiration in choosing his wedding band? We asked those in the know at Clayfield Jewellery for some ideas on style and metals.

Meet The Expert: Trevor Sim is a qualified diamond grader and jewellery valuation specialist and owner of Brisbane-based Clayfield Jewellery.

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silver mens wedding band

Bling, sparkle… whatever you want to call it, diamonds and coloured stones are big for men’s wedding bands according to Clayfield Jewellery owner Trevor Sim.

“Diamonds are increasing in popularity for men’s wedding bands,” says Trevor. “There are so many creative ways to incorporate diamonds or gemstones into a wedding band – the sky really is the limit. A subtle, small single stone can be a nice accent and multiple diamonds can create a bold statement piece.”

Rose gold wedding bands for men

When it comes to metals, it seems grooms are looking to mix things up a bit and play around with different shades next year. “Mixing two different metals can be a subtle way to create a unique design – especially for men not inclined to diamonds or other bold details,” says Trevor.

“One of the biggest trends to come to our attention at Clayfield Jewellery lately is rose gold. Rose gold details can add a subtle lift to the classic metals for a fresh contemporary look.”

Put some personality into a mens wedding band with a pattern

When you think of men’s wedding bands, chances are you picture the traditional, simple band, but grooms aren’t afraid to go bold with different textures and patterns.

“A textured finish such as matte, fine grain or satin, not only looks great but often wears really well over time as well – a great option for hands-on guys,” says Trevor.

“Patterned rings are also a very popular way to personalise a wedding band and patterns can range from simple lined patterns to much more creative and bold designs.”

custom wedding bands for men

They say it’s the little details that go a long way, and the saying rings – wink wink – true for men’s wedding bands.

“Engraving, particularly inside the band, is an increasingly popular way to customise wedding bands,” says Trevor. “For such a sentimental piece of jewellery, it’s not hard to see why adding a personal message has become so popular.

Bonus tip: If he’s not sure how these trends will look in his wedding band, check out Clayfield Jewellery’s custom design service. Using a 3D printer, they’ll personalise the design to your specifications before actually creating the ring.

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