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Wedding Trend: The man-gagement movement


It’s slightly untraditional but oh, so, trendy! If your (hopefully) soon-to-be groom loves a stylish accessory, consider embracing this movement – after all, it was good enough for Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bublé and Chris Hemsworth!

Here are a few go-to tips to make sure you choose a man-gagement ring they’ll love forever!

Stephen-Dibb-man-gagement-ring-updateTips for choosing ‘the one‘:
  1. Keep it practical! Consider a tough metal instead of gold if your partner uses his hands for work (does he work in construction or hospitality, for example?)
  2. You might love a one-carat sparkler… but will he? Get him something that he’ll actually want to wear.
  3. Think outside the (jewellery) box – incorporate a special stone, engraving or even a family crest into the design.

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