Stephen Dibb Jewellery’s guide to one of 2019’s biggest ring trends

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They’ve been filling up our Insta feed lately and we couldn’t help but gush over these beauties when J-Lo showed off hers – emerald-cut diamond engagement rings are definitely a 2019 trend! Thinking of going with this classic look? We turned to Brisbane’s leading custom jeweller Stephen Dibb Jewellery for their expert advice…

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What exactly is an emerald-cut diamond?

“The emerald cut has stepped facets, rectangular shape and trimmed corners. The concentric alignment of its facets creates a ‘hall of mirrors’ appearance that the emerald-cut diamond is famed for.”

What should I be looking for when considering this type of cut?

“The emerald cut has a larger, open table so colour and clarity (lack of flaws or inclusions) becomes more important than in other cuts.”


What’s the best setting for an emerald-cut diamond?

“Simple, elegant solitaires and glittering halos tend to be the most popular settings for emerald shaped diamonds. An emerald-cut halo engagement ring creates a really breathtaking vintage-inspired engagement ring, with the added benefit that the diamonds in the halo bring extra sparkle to the centre diamond.”

How does Stephen Dibb Jewellery find the right emerald-cut diamond engagement ring for their clients?

“Your personal taste is the most important factor, and this is why we will source a variety of quality options for you so that you get to choose the diamond that is right for you that will become your family heirloom. We will keep searching until we find the diamond that is right for you.”

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