Wedding apps.

Must-have wedding apps for every bride

Tips + Advice // by Emily Russ

Planning a wedding? Need a little help? Here’s six must-have apps that’ll get you planned, organised and ready for the best day ever!

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If you don’t fancy scrolling through your feed looking for those wedding pics your friends took, check out Wedpics. This free app lets your guests capture and categorise photos, as well as helping you plan everything from colour schemes to guest accommodation. Hallelujah!

Remember how fun it was when we all hand drew our seating charts with an actual pencil and paper? Yeah, neither do we. Featuring floor plans, 3D views, guest list planning and timelines, AllSeated will help you plan and visualise your dream reception. Oh, and it’s free.

Wish there was a way to plan everything in one spot and keep your bridal party in the loop in real time? Say hello to AppyCouple. Access destination guides, tips on etiquette, budget managers and much more, all on your phone. Starting at AUD$59 with free download for guests, this pretty little app is like a wedding planner in your purse.

If that scene in 27 Dresses taught us anything it’s that wedding registries can start stupid arguments and be full of some pretty useless items. Put the functionality back with Zola. Create your own wishlist, complete with experiences and gifts from local and international vendors, free of charge. Your guests can easily access the registry and order your dream gift straight from the app – they’ll thank you for it.

Whether you’re planning an outdoor or indoor wedding, the weather is kind of crucial. Yahoo Weather gives you detailed hour-by-hour temperatures and weather patterns that will help you plan ahead for your special day. Award- winning and free, this app can quite literally save the day. Just remember to always have a Plan B!

Have an idea of what flowers you want for your bouquet, but don’t know their names? Don’t have a degree in botanical science? My Garden Answers to the rescue! Free to use, it’s like Shazam for flowers – enough said.

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