Why You’ll Love A Small Wedding

Tips + Advice // by Natasha Pavez

Although big weddings are always a beautiful choice for brides and grooms, it isn’t the only option available to you! Intimate weddings are becoming more and more popular in recent years – plenty of couples are choosing to celebrate their wedding day on a smaller, cosier scale, surrounded only by their dearest friends and family. Whether you host an intimate wedding out of necessity (such as you or your partner having overseas roots) or purely out of choice, you can be sure you’ve made a good decision.We’ve rounded up ten reasons why you’ll love an intimate wedding.

Some weddings aren’t cheap affairs, and accommodating your guests certainly takes up a huge portion of your budget (Martha Stewart recommends allocating 50 percent of your budget to the reception alone!).With an intimate wedding, you can spend far less without compromising on quality. Best of all, you can reallocate your savings however you please. House deposits and honeymoon funds are popular choices, but there is another option…

If you’re dreaming of a Hollywood-style wedding but aren’t sure how to pay for it, then an intimate wedding could be the answer. With a smaller guest list, you can splurge on the things you really want. Quality photography, the venue you’ve always had your eye on, or that show- stopper of a dress… it can all be yours, and it won’t break the bank.

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It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful – after all, you’re organising one of the biggest days of your life! The bigger the guest list, the more you’ll have to organise and eventually chase up. Feeling tense at the thought? Shrink that guest list. It’ll be lovely to only follow up two or three missing RSVPs rather than 53, won’t it?

When you find out that your great aunt who hasn’t seen you in 20 years is angling for an invite, it’s hard to say no. From there, guest lists can snowball, until you’re left with a family reunion. Small weddings make it easier to invite those you really want with you on your special day.

How often have we been to weddings and barely caught a glimpse of the bride and groom? (Of course, it’s not their fault – they’ve got plant of people to see!) If you’ve been on the receiving end of this, chances are you’re pretty concerned about flitting from guest to guest, feeling completely frazzled.With fewer people to worry about you can actually spend quality, one-on-one time with your guests, making everyone feel comfortable and welcome at your wedding.

Many couples get so overwhelmed by the pressure of tying the knot that they can’t relax on the big day. A smaller guest list, filled with those you care about most, will keep you from feeling as though you’re on stage. Let the party begin!

If you don’t feel confident about putting your stamp on a large venue space, don’t despair. With a small wedding – and small venue to match – it’s easy to create a wedding that truly reflects you and your partner. Music, décor, food and so much more can be tailored to suit exactly what you want, and you can be sure you’re not having a cookie-cutter event. It’s going to be a day that you and your guests always remember fondly.

The most important part of your wedding day is celebrating the love between you and your partner. After all, that’s why you’re tying the knot! But with an intimate wedding, you can celebrate those who have always had your back.There are plenty of ways to incorporate your family and close friends into your day, such as through readings, handfasting, and vows.

If you want to get married at your favourite restaurant, or in the little church you’ve attended all your life, it can be near impossible to cater to 200 guests.With a smaller guest list, so many more doors open. Backyard weddings, beach weddings, garden weddings – you can even get married on a boat!

Don’t deny it, organising 200 guests to meet you overseas would be an ordeal. By keeping your wedding intimate, you can reallocate your funds to celebrate the destination wedding of your dreams – with those you love most.

A small wedding: wedding speeches!

Wedding of Eliza and Richard. Venue: Cloudland. Nick Evans Photography.

Some of our lovely vendors have offered their advice to make your intimate wedding the ultimate success.

“Keeping the guest list small can break hearts so go into the engagement announcement prepared! Being clear in the beginning will make a lean guest list MUCH easier to stick to down the track.”

– Jessica Layton, Moda Events Portside

“Intimate weddings allow everyone to feel connected and present, so take the time to spend a moment with each of your guests. Incorporate items that have meaning into your theming and decorations and enjoy not only the big moments of the day, but also the small.”

– Oliver Thomson,Watermark Hotel

“Remember it’s a day all about you and your love for another! It’s an exciting time for you both along with your family and friends. Enjoy the journey, work with suppliers you’re comfortable with and trust, don’t be afraid to express yourself and remember, the whole purpose of your wedding day is to celebrate the bond and commitment the two opt you have made to one another.”

– Emily Fredriksen, Peppers Ruffles Lodge and Spa

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