Teeth whitening with Gold Coast Dentist, Starklinics

Smile, it’s your wedding day!

Hair + Beauty // by Starklinics

Obvious statement: your wedding day will be one of the most photographed days of your life so you will want to ensure you’re exuding confidence and a radiant smile. While you’re undoubtedly already considering your pre-wedding beauty regime to focus on your skin, nails and general body health, have you given thought to your pearly whites?

In addition to your routine dental checkups, there is a range of cosmetic dental treatments on offer that can help with even the most crooked, chipped, broken or discoloured teeth. But choosing the right treatment for you and working with only the most experienced practitioners is of utmost importance. This is where Gold Coast-based Starklinics comes in.

Under the guidance of owner Dr Kate Stark, Starklinics is leading the way in pain-free treatments with a no-needle approach and using only the latest technologies. Together with an incredibly caring team of staff, Kate and her squad embrace the remarkable advancements that have recently been made in the dental industry to bring the best results with little discomfort.

pain free dentistry with Starklinics

From teeth whitening, bondings, Invisalign, and veneers to even full mouth rehabilitation, Starklinics offers a range of pre-wedding oral care and cosmetic treatments that will have you radiating confidence on your big day.

Guided by a ‘love and healing’ philosophy, all patients benefit from Starklinic’s holistic approach which combines the experience of Kate and her husband, Dr Matthew Stark, whom are both Reiki masters and believe in crystal technologies.

So, if you’re hiding a potentially beautiful smile due to a lack of confidence, it’s time to contact Starklinics today for a no-obligation consultation. Your teeth will thank you.