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Tradition Tuesday: The entertainment traditions to keep and ditch

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Ah, the reception – time to pop the corks and let your hair down! The ceremony may be the obvious time for including traditions, but the ‘party’ time of the day also has a few age-old customs. Not sure what to include for your special day? We’ve broken it all down for you…

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From the wedding of Kirsten and MattMusic will set the mood and get the party vibes happening, but you don’t have to have a band or DJ. Many venues have speaker systems that’ll let you run a playlist from your phone, tablet or laptop, but check in advance. Want something fun and different? We’ve heard of weddings with mass karaoke sessions! Only opt for this if you and your guests are a lively bunch and don’t mind belting out so-bad-they’re-good renditions of ‘80s classics. Make ours Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’, thanks.

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From the wedding of Sarra and DavidYes, this tradition does still exist and is still popular with brides today, but it’s completely optional. If you don’t want your bouquet to go to waste, brighten someone’s day and consider giving it to a beloved grandma or even organise for someone to take it (plus the bridesmaids’ bouquets) to a local nursing home or hospital after your big day (just like Meghan Markle did!). If you still want to do some sort of bouquet toss, treat your guests and throw a ‘bouquet’ of $1 Instant Scratch-It tickets. Just think, if someone won the top prize it’d make for an even more memorable wedding!

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editRealWedding_Nicola_Cootes-(30)Ah, no. While speeches can make for really beautiful memories, they’re not for everyone – remember those public speaking assessments you did at school? If you still want your loved ones to say a few words, consider creating and screening a short video with their messages and your favourite photos of you as a couple. Not only will they feel less ‘on the spot’ at the reception, but this idea will allow you to edit anything you’d rather wasn’t included, the video can become a keepsake after the wedding and your guests will love it. Be sure to make it an event and serve tiny boxes of popcorn!

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From the wedding of Sarah and BillyThe father/daughter dance still holds a place in our hearts, but it should be all about dancing with someone who has significantly supported you in your life, not just your dad. Whether it’s your mum, sister, brother, step-parent, a friend or grandparent, invite them to the dance floor (maybe check that it’s okay with them in advance) and show your love and gratitude by taking a twirl.

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Credit: Union Eleven PhotographersNot everyone is gifted with the slick moves and confident stage presence of the salsa-dancing emoji, so don’t feel you have to awkwardly shuffle together on the dance floor for the sake of tradition. Embrace what it is that you both love and forget convention. Are you both keen gamers? Hook up a screen with your device and game of choice and battle it out – we recommend Mario Kart or Guitar Hero. If you’re obsessed with Star Wars consider a light-sabre duel, or make like Ru Paul and have fun with a lip-sync battle. If you still want something quite traditional, invite all your guests (or just the bridal party) to the dance floor as well, to make it not so much of an all-eyes-on-you event.

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