A wink to ink: Pinup icon Sabina Kelley’s tips for tattooed brides

Tips + Advice // by Ginny Cumming, images by George Favios

Once upon a time, tattooed brides were a bit of a rarity. Today, it seems every second person you meet is sporting some sort of ink and we’re seeing more and more brides walking down the aisle in spectacular tattooed style, and we love it! Here at QB, we’re strong believers that there is no one way a bride should look and that you should feel confident and beautiful just the way you are on your wedding day, but knowing just how to rock your tattoos is still a bit of a grey area.

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To get some expert advice, we talked to a woman known for her illustrated body – modern-day pinup icon and Best Ink judge Sabina Kelley. This lovely lass really knows her stuff (read our interview with Sabina here or in our Winter 2017 issue) and while she may be from the USA, she just tied the knot with her Queensland fiancée so that qualifies her as a Queensland bride if you ask us. Here are her top tips for brides with ink…

sabina kelley

Sabina’s top tips for brides with tattoos

1.“Get a dress custom-made, so you can show off or hide whatever tattoos you want.”

2.“Choose a design with a solid colour and without too many different textures, beads and embellishments. If there’s too much going on it will clash really badly with your tattoos and be distracting.”

3. “Don’t be scared to choose a different colour or style that’s not typical for a wedding dress. You’re already unique with your tattoos – why not be unique with your wedding dress too?”

“I never once thought about covering my tattoos for my wedding. I wanted something that was classy yet sexy, and didn’t have too much going on – my tattoos are already such a huge accessory!”

4. “On your wedding day, put a light layer of lube on your tattoos – not so your skin is greasy, but so your tattoos pop, and look saturated and bright for your wedding photos.”

5. “Dermablend is the perfect makeup to use if you have any tattoos you’d like to cover for your wedding.” Don’t believe it? check out this video.

6. “Something fun to do if you and your husband-to-be are tattooed is to get a tattoo for each other – or inked wedding rings.”

7. “Sometimes tattoos are very controversial for families – just remember it’s your wedding, and if you want to show your tattoos you should show your tattoos. Don’t let anyone’s opinions ruin your day or prevent you from doing what you want.”

Look out for our story on Sabina’s wedding in the next issue of Queensland Brides!

Photoshoot details
Photographer: George Favios // Location: Mimsy’s Trailer Trash Tattoo  // Hair & makeup: Gemma Elaine // Dress: ‘Nikita’ dress and accessories from Wendy Makin Couture // Produced by Ginny Cumming for Queensland Brides

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