DIY inspo: Real bride Alyce shares how to make your own golden ticket fortune cookie favours

Tips + Advice // by Emily Russ

We’re always super impressed whenever we see anything DIY at a wedding, so when we came across the beautiful DIY-filled wedding of Alyce and Jon we kind of nerded out. Hardcore. A bona fide craft queen, Alyce is the brains behind online colouring and craft class hub Kit and Clowder, making her the perfect person to ask for DIY tips for a wedding.

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One particular project from her wedding that we loved (and you did too!) were the fortune cookie favours given at the start of the ceremony. In these tasty little morsels, cute notes and two special golden tickets were hidden. As you might have guessed, the two guests who got the golden tickets were invited up to be the official witnesses – so clever! To get you inspired, we asked Alyce to share just how to make these sweet (and delicious) favours…

DIY fortune cookies

From the wedding of Alyce and Jon, image by Peppermint Photography

What you’ll need:

  • Fortune cookies from your local supermarket – make sure you have enough for one per wedding guest, plus extras for tests
  • Small self-adhesive plastic bags
  • Microwave
  • Paper towels
  • Strips of paper with custom fortunes on (you can make this using Microsoft Word or Excel)

The how-to:

1. Write your custom fortune cookie messages. This can be anything at all, but we chose funny fortunes and pun-filled advice so it gave people something to talk and laugh about. Dad jokes are a great thing to include! Type these up in Microsoft Word or Excel, print and cut the phrases into strips so you have one strip per cookie. Our favourite one was: “Always trust people who like big butts, they cannot lie”.

2. Dampen a paper towel (not dripping, just wet), and wrap around the cookie. We chose to do a few cookies at a time but practice first so that you are comfortable.

3. Microwave the cookie wrapped in the damp paper towel for 30 seconds, adjusting depending on how powerful your microwave is. You may need to test how long you need to do this to get the required results. Please note that paper towel will be extremely hot after microwaving so please take care.

4. Remove the fortune cookie from the paper towel. The fortune cookie should be soft and pliable. Softly open the fortune cookie enough to remove the store brought phrase and replace with your own printed phrase.

5. Gently close fortune cookie up while still soft. Keep in mind to work quickly so the cookie doesn’t harden before you have the chance to close. After about 30 seconds, the cookie will start to harden again and go back to normal.

6. Package each cookie in it’s own sealable plastic bag. For a custom approach, you can print stickers using labels to go on top of the plastic bags with your names, wedding date, or anything you like.

7. Enjoy and make someone’s fortune become a reality!

Bonus tip:

Have fun with it and don’t worry too much about what people will think. At one point we felt a little unsure if people would get it or if it would come across as lame, but it was a lot of fun and something people still remember about the day to break up the ceremony.

Look out for more DIY tutorials from Alyce – coming soon! 

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