DIY inspo: Real bride Alyce shares how to make your own hanging candle installations

Tips + Advice // by The QB Team

Looking for a way to personalise your wedding? Want to add your own style to your wedding reception?

We asked one DIY-savvy bride to share how to make your own hanging candle installations – she’s the creative brains behind craft class hub Kit and Clowder, so she really knows her stuff! Perfect for jazzing up a bar area (like real bride Alyce chose to) or a wedding gift table, these eye-catching structures are actually pretty easy to make yourself! It’s time to get crafty… in the best possible way.

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DIY hanging installation

What you’ll need:

  • Timber Framing 70 x 35mm at 2.4metres long from Bunnings ( approx. $5 each) – minimum of 3 to create upside down U shape
  • Metal L brackets with a smaller width than 70mm
  • Timber screws
  • Drill
  • Timber pickets
  • Artificial (or real!) vines, flowers, and branches to suit
  • Tealight candle holders and artificial tealight candles
  • Twine


The how-to:

1. Lay your timber framing on the floor in an upside down U shape to gauge the size of your hanging structure. Work out your table length that the structure is going over so you know this will be the right length.

2. Using a saw, cut back any pieces until you are happy with the length.

3. Screw L brackets to tops of structure, connecting the horizontal top beam with the vertical beam on each side. Screw the L bracket in from the underside so it is not as noticeable.

4. Affix timber pickets  to back of structure using timber screws. Overlap these with the ends so the pickets hang lower. This will allow the framework to stand once the pickets have been banged into the ground.

5. Once you’re happy with the structure, apply artificial vines, branches, and flowers around the framework to disguise any fixings and to create a whimsical look.

6. To add lighting, hang candle holders from the framework using twine. It’s a good idea to use battery operated tealight candles to prevent any risk of fire.

Bonus tip:
Be wary of how long your structure is and how much weight is being put on. This will determine whether you need more vertical supports to prevent any bowing.

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