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The Australian Native You Should Consider For Your Wedding Flowers


If you’re looking for a show-stopping blossom, Proteas are an on-trend pick we’re absolutely loving.

These giant blooms – in whatever colour you choose – are enchanting, romantic and a little bit quirky, all at once. Originally hailing from South Africa, the Proteacae family actually hosts a variety of flowers, each as stunning as the next (you have this family to thank for some of our favourite native flora). The Protea itself is a bloom of beauty; hardy, long-lasting, vibrant and utterly unique, they’re a perfect pick for the modern bride.

Here are three fabulous reasons why you should consider this native for your wedding flowers.


Wedding of Jo and Jim. Flowers by Missy La’Belle. Tricia King Photography

1. They’re Available Almost All Year Round

Brides, you’re in luck – proteas are available nearly all year round, flowering from autumn to spring. If you’re tying the knot during summer, don’t despair! As florists are besotted with these florals, many are able to source blooms especially cultivated for the warmer months. It never hurts to ask, and you could end up with the arrangement of your dreams.

2. You’ll Find Them In A Range Of Colours

You’ll find protea petals in romantic pinks, creams and reds. If you’re lucky, your florist may find other colours to suit your wedding palette, like a sunny bright yellow. You may even get your hands on moody, black-tipped blossoms for an edgy wedding feel.


Wedding of Cara and Nick. Photo: Justin Ma

3. The Styling Options Are Endless

As proteas are equally alluring in bouquets and centrepieces alike, you’re spoiled for choice. Use them with greenery for an arrangement that’s striking in its simplicity, or try an arrangement featuring a variety of smaller florals in similar shades for a soft, luscious look. Proteas pair well with a variety of fabrics, whether it’s rustic hessian or a romantic silk ribbon. Our style pick? Use them in a luxe statement bouquet – the more blooms, the better!

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