Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas You’ll Want To Try


Saying ‘I do’ is really what the big day is all about. Here are some unique wedding ceremony ideas that will make your nuptials a moment you’ll never forget.

Surprise wedding!

surprise wedding

Wedding of Bec and Dan. Candi Photography

If you like to keep your friends on their toes, organise a surprise wedding – just like Brisbane couple, Penny and Martin did at their surprise gathering. Gather everyone together for your ‘engagement party’ and then spring a costume change and a ceremony! This also works well for the low-key bride who doesn’t want the fuss and expense of a separate engagement party and wedding.

Go, Granny!


Photo: Genevieve Leiper via Instagram

Ask your grandmothers to be your flower girls. It will be such a precious moment seeing them walk the aisle with their baskets of petals and they can be good shepherds for the mini flower girls.

Pampered pooch

dogs at wedding

Studio Impressions Photography

Cosy up with your pooch for a ‘family’ shot or have your pup as the ring bearer. “Dogs can really bring a special element to weddings and they look super adorable with a ribbon, collar, garland or special tote piece that matches your wedding styling.,” says Yasmine from white + white weddings and events. “Flower girl/boy dogs, ring bearer dogs, sign bearer dogs or cute canine security dogs…we love dogs! They add a touch of fun (and chaos).”

Arrive in style

wedding entrance

Wedding of Tony and Gemma. Milque Photography and Films

Put some thought into your grand arrival. We love a classic limo or vintage wheels but a colourful Kombi or retro bicycle can also work a treat. Or go for spectacle value with a helicopter touchdown or arrival by horse or paddleboard (as Tony and his groomsmen did).

An all-day affair

day wedding

Styling: white + white wedding + events. Photography: The Left Lane

“Make your day an all day celebration, especially if you include a sunrise wedding followed by breakfast or mid-morning brunch,” says Yasmine of white + white weddings and events. “Lunchtime feasts are becoming increasingly popular, with long table feasting, beautiful wines and wedding merriment rolling into the late afternoon.”

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