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Wedding tech trends for the modern couple


If you’re the kind of girl that’s always joined at the hip to her iPhone or hashtagging something to Insta, or your beau gets all dewy eyed over boy’s toys like drones or GoPros, consider incorporating some tech savvy-ness into your big day. Not only is a little technology very practical, it also breaks away from tradition so you can have the wedding of the 21st Century!

Wedding tech trends for the modern couple

Drone in on the day

Capture awesome aerial photos and videos and you’ll literally see your wedding from a whole new angle. Drones (which are essentially airborne cameras) can capture shots that simply aren’t possible with land-based photography or videography. Imagine seeing aerial footage of your ceremony venue, which pans across to your guests mingling on the lawns during pre-reception cocktails, then onto the fabulous panoramic backdrop that you chose for a reason, right. Some couples have even used a drone to drop off their rings during the ceremony!

GoPro the mo’

If you want to relive the look on your husband’s face as he watches you walk down the aisle, why not use a GoPro to capture the amazing moment? To keep it inconspicuous, your florist can incorporate a small GoPro camera into your wrist corsage or bridal bouquet that fits snugly into the arrangement… or better yet, have one of your bridesmaids carry it for you. Your walk down the aisle is one of the most special moments of the whole day yet you might be so nervous everyone just looks like a sea of faces. With a GoPro that plays it back to you, you can relish the little things you missed in person.

3D print it

Today’s modern bride is literally spoilt for choice with the incredible options available through the latest 3D printing tools. 3D printed cake toppers are huge. Imagine your wedding cake featuring a real-life figurine of the both of you doing whatever  best represents you as a couple. Also, think printed engagement rings and wedding bracelets… really the skies the limit as far as what you can do

“I do” live stream

Don’t let tears of happiness be the only thing streaming when you say your vows. Live stream the ceremony so that out-of-town guests who can’t make it to your actual wedding can be right there with you when you exchange your vows… well virtually. In today’s world, everyone can feel part of your wedding if you live-stream it. There’s a myriad of streaming platforms you could try, such as Periscope, Skype, Apple FaceTime, YouTube Live, and even Google Hangouts. Why not nominate one of your friends to live stream parts of the day for you from their phone or tablet. Your loved ones tuning in from afar will need to set up an account with whichever platform you use so that they can sign in and watch the moment as it unfolds.

Custom hashtag and instant prints

Almost everything needs a hashtag these days to give it an um… identity, so why should your wedding be any different? Create a custom wedding hashtag that your friends can use when posting their happy snaps of your day to Instagram. The best part is, you can then use a live Instagram printer to print them all out instantly for you! Just like a modern-day polaroid. All you need to do is click, tag and print – it’s that easy. What great, instant mementos for your guests.

Take charge

If your guests use GPS to find their way to your wedding venue, or they post photos to Instagram and share fun moments on Facebook there’s a likely chance their smart device will have little or no battery power as the day progresses. Give your guests the opportunity to stay connected throughout the entire day with a charging station. You could incorporate a cute theme or adorn it with beautiful flowers. Whatever you choose, make the area a bit of a novelty so it adds an element of fun while serving a practical purpose.

Speech booth

If you’re looking for a radical new twist to the old guest book, and a more modern upgrade from the popular photo booth, have a video booth set up for your guests at the reception. You can still supply a bunch of silly props for your guests to dress up in while they leave a spoken message for you. Suppliers of speech booths will then compile all of the messages into a keepsake video that you’ll treasure forever.

360-degree wedding film

Although this isn’t a new trend, it’s certainly risen to greater popularity as a way of capturing amazing wedding films. You can even live stream to YouTube 360 Live.

So, there you have it. Our little list of tech trends to consider incorporating in your own wedding celebration. Your reasons to do so can actually be very personal, as covered in this Mashable article: how technology helped one couple connect with bride’s ailing mother on their wedding day – beautiful!

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